Get Involved

Are you interested in getting involved and supporting immigrant communities? There are several ways to help out!

Volunteer with the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC). For more information, click here.

The NYIC needs volunteers to support:

  • providing legal services (e.g., screenings, consultations, representation);
  • supporting language access (i.e., interpretation, translation) during legal services/clinics;
  • helping community members prepare documents to bring to legal clinics;
  • managing logistical tasks at legal clinics (e.g., registration, ushering);
  • conducting community outreach around immigration issues;
  • educating community members about their rights; and
  • much more!!

Volunteers with legal backgrounds and/or who are bi- or multilingual and/or bi- or multicultural are especially needed.

NYIC Volunteers usually receive emails 2 – 4 times a month, updating them about upcoming volunteer service opportunities with the NYIC.

To join the NYIC Volunteer mailing list, please click here.

Become a Trained Immigration Ambassador or Navigator

Immigration Ambassadors and Navigators are staff or volunteers of trusted community-based organizations or institutions, as well as community members themselves, who have been trained to educate the public about various immigration benefits and support immigrants in navigating the immigration system. It is an unique way to extend valuable immigration legal services to low-income immigrants.

After being trained as an Immigration Ambassador, you can volunteer and work with individuals to convey accurate information and basic eligibility requirements of different forms of immigration benefits. The basic Immigration Ambassador training is 4 hours long.

After being trained as an Immigration Navigator, in addition to providing accurate and important information, you will also be able to help immigrants identify and obtain necessary documents, and help them prepare to meet with legal representatives. The basic Immigration Navigator training is 8 hours long.

Ambassadors and Navigators can also help individuals understand the larger picture, and why it is critical that we all make our voices heard to help in the push for humane and common-sense immigration reform.

To learn more about the Immigration Ambassador or Navigator training and how you can be trained as one, please click on Events for a calendar of upcoming trainings.